About CBD: Science & Medicine

Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in in the male hemp and female marijuana plants. To get pure CBD, we work with only male hemp plants to ensure as little THC contamination as possible.

While THC and CBD attach to the same receptors of the brain, CBD does not get you high. Instead, you feel a calming effect as it helps relieve anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, nausea, irritability and other complaints. Research has shown that cannabis works as a vasodilator, bronchodilator, blood sugar modulator, anti-inflammatory and moderate painkiller.

Evidence for medicinal use of CBD is growing and today, all but three U.S. states have legalized its use either fully or on a restricted basis.

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Client Testimonial

  • Susanna Scroggs


    "Thank you to Kim and 2 Wolves Inc. for effectively helping me transition from my SSRI (Sertraline 100 mg daily) to not having taken it at all in the last few days!

    Before, when I’d try to quit, I not only couldn’t get my doctors on the phone at the clinic where I took my PPD checkup, but I couldn’t effectively wean off the medication due to the side effect that makes you feel like your skin and nervous system are being electrocuted. Now I am several days in to not being stuck on an anxiety medication and being on as-needed CBD! And to add, people, your local vape shop and gas station CBD is not only ineffective, but it probably tastes like drinking motor oil. Kim has formulated a tincture that is easy on the tongue and stomach and effective on your body! 2 Wolves is the best!"

  • Dawn Harber Ray


    "So many things to choose from!

    CBD! CBD products! Men’s products! Women’s skin care! Luxury bath products! Candles! Tattoo balm and oil! Even CBD for pets!”

  • Ryan Callaway


    “The Savage CBD beard oil is hands down the best beard oil I’ve ever used.

    Not only did it stimulate the growth length of my beard, but definitely increased the overall thickness as well. No more dry skin. No more beard itch. This stuff is the real deal and worth EVERY penny.”

  • Angie Cushman


    "I suffer from fibromyalgia and migraines. And I started using a combination of their CBD products.

    I’m getting more pain relief from them than the narcotics the pain dr prescribes me. I will do a post with more details. Thank you Kim for introducing them to me!"

  • Kim Hames


    "I have been part of the holistic healing world for the last 20 years.

    I prefer to treat chronic conditions naturally with the supervision of my healthcare team. CBD is something I have used for years to treat pain, sleeplessness and anxiety. I have never endorsed a product before, but the quality of this product is superior to any other I have used. High quality at a reasonable price. The product line is more extensive than most which is awesome, including child friendly and pet approved. The kicker for me is that it is developed and formulated by a licensed healthcare professional. Tested and authenticated. This is the future of healthcare for me!"

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